Rebecca Withington – Founder and ceramics artist

Rebecca completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Ceramics in 1991. Upon graduating she formed a small business with two other graduates, “Fireworks the Australia Pottery Company”, which designed and made ceramics for the domestic and catering industries.

Rebecca has travelled throughout Japan and Korea and was privileged to be offered an apprenticeship in traditional pottery-making in Mashiko, Japan, working with renowned ceramic artists Euan Craig and Koji Usaka. This incredible cultural experience not only taught her about the many aspects of pottery, but also about the ways of a craftsperson’s life.

On returning to Australia she began importing ceramics from all over the world and then went on to work as a buyer for the Manchester industry.

Urban Clay is an opportunity for Rebecca to indulge her passion for pottery and to share her skills and the joy of clay-making with others.